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My morning e-mail clearing routine generally ends with clicking on a article or two from one of the several Christian Magazines that I am on the mailing list for. This has become more like a morning devotional to me simply because it provokes thought about my life in Christ. This morning I happened to click on a link to a Ministry Today article entitled "7 life changing questions Jesus asked". The author made the statement that "if Jesus asked a question then it must be an important one". I realize that Jesus didn’t need us to answer for Him, He doesn't need an answer He is the answer, so He must want us to ponder the question to get a deeper revelation of the question.

In Matthew 22:42 Jesus asks the Pharisees "What do you think about the Christ, Who's son is He?". To understand this question a little better let's look at the context that it was asked. Jesus had been in Jerusalem teaching and healing in the temple. The Pharisees had already questioned His authority to teach and say the things that He was saying. They were afraid to lay hands on Him because of the people so they devised a plan to discredit what He was teaching. They were attempting to trap Him by using their vast knowledge of the Law. The last question that Jesus was asked prior to asking them the question above was "which is the greatest commandment?". Jesus replied by summing up the Law and all of the prophets in "Love". Immediately afterwards while all of the Pharisees were still gathered around hoping to see Jesus fail, Jesus asked them the question. Their answer was "the son of David" so Jesus pressed them even more by saying that the scriptures said that David call Him "My Lord" so Jesus continues the question  "If David then calls Him 'LORD,' how is He his Son?".

I believe that Jesus wanted you and I to think about the relationship that David had with Him as God the Father. David was intimate with God, he shared all of his heart with Him and received the heart of God in through his ears. What the Word is demonstrating is the intimacy that comes from the infilling of the Holy Spirit into our lives. In 1 Corinthians 12:3 the Bible says "that no man can say that Jesus is Lord but by the Holy Ghost" David is declaring through his statement in Psalms 110:1 (" The LORD said to my Lord,"Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.") that Jesus will be both Man as the offspring of himself, and Lord by virtue of fulfilled prophecy. The Pharisees could not see the Messiah because of the Law. They could not know Him either.

God does not want us to be so full of the Law that we forget Christ, as if our duties of keeping the law could save us without the merit of Grace. Remember to THINK ABOUT CHRIST! What He sacrificed for you. What He made available to you, and the eternity of living in His Grace and presence forever. 

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