About Us


TwinsGlenda and I were both born and raised in Burke County NC where we met at 16 years old. We were married in 1988 and had our first of three sons, Aaron,  in late 1989. It was seven years later that our twin sons, Adam and Brett, came along. Our family has certainly been through some ups and downs over the past 25+ years, but looking back into every detail we can see the fingerprints of God's hand on our lives. He has molded us and re-directed us to the place that we can be used in the Kingdom of God to bring hope to others who are just trying to live. 

In 2006 the Lord called our family into ministry as the Youth Pastors of Harvest Praise Church in Morganton, NC. Since that time He has grown us through a series of experiences and relationships with Ministries and Mentors from all over. In 2010 a desire for our own marriage was developed into a heart to see all marriages experience the deep love and committm

Aaronent that only a relationship with the Father can bring. We began our Marriage Ministry in 2010 with our first "My Beloved, My Best Friend" marriage conference, and have continued that each year since.

Since becoming Associate/ teaching Pastors for HPC, God has developed in us a passion for His word and ministry. We are called to assist and affirm the ministry in every area that God leads us to have influence. We bring a Prophetic/Apostolic word within the preaching and teaching that God has ordained us for.


God Bless
Pastors Jeff and Glenda Carpenter